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Recycling Collection

Rechargeable batteries can be found in cordless power tools, cellular and cordless phones, laptop computers, digital cameras, two-way radios, camcorders, and remote control toys. Rechargeable batteries sometimes look like regular alkaline batteries. The label on the battery will indicate if it is rechargeable. If it says "Alkaline", dispose of it in the regular trash.
Where can I bring for recycling?

Rechargeable batteries CAN be recycled at participating retail locations including the following: Best Buy, Staples, Target, Office Max, Lowes, Home Depot, Sears, Wal-Mart and Verizon Wireless. To find the nearest retail location to recycle your rechargeable batteries visit www.rbrc.org.
What about button cell batteries?

Most button cell batteries still contain mercury. These batteries should be brought to your County's Household Special Waste collection. Please visit www.camdencounty.com  or call (856) 858 - 5241 for a list of collection events.