Voorhees Township Veterans Wall – Application

History Of The Veterans Wall

On October 20, 2014, Voorhees Township began a new tradition with the unveiling of the Voorhees Township Veterans Wall of Honor. The Wall, which is located in the Voorhees Municipal Building at the Voorhees Town Center, honors residents and members of their immediate family who have served in the United States Military, whether during peacetime or war.

The response to the Wall was remarkable. More than 220 veterans submitted applications and are memorialized on the Wall. Voorhees Township is very proud to honor these men and women, most of whom were only in their teens when they served, for the sacrifices they made in leaving home, family, and friends to give of themselves to our country.

The Voorhees Veterans Wall is unique in that it offers more than just a name. Each veteran is honored with a plaque that includes his/her name, branch of service, date and place of service, awards/medals received, a photo, and if desired, a brief personal note about their service.

If you or a loved one would like to be participate, please submit the below application to the Voorhees Township Municipal Clerk’s Office no later than September 7, 2018.

Veterans Wall 2018 Application