Mayor Mignogna


At the beginning of this most unique school year, now more than ever, it is important that we provide a safe and stable learning environment for our students.

In an ongoing effort to protect our children, the Voorhees Township Committee and our schools will continue to work together and will maintain a police officer in all of our public schools all day every day.

After more than six months away from school, returning to either in school education or remote learning will be a trying experience for both children and parents. It is estimated that 55.1 million students will have modified school schedules as we start this school year.

We can help our children by providing them with structure and routine as well as being a positive force in their education. Here are some suggestions from child education experts to help students through this challenging time.
Institute a digital quarantine of electronics to keep your child’s attention focused on schoolwork until it is done. Set specific and limited times for play on digital devices.
Children will achieve their best work in a quiet, comfortable and dedicated space that is strictly devoted to learning. This space should be a different location from where they normally play games or watch TV.
Maintain routines and schedules. Children will function best if they maintain their routine as close to normal as possible. Setting alarms similar to those they would encounter at school can be helpful for keeping them on a schedule. At lunch time, encourage them to get up and get some fresh air. They should not be sedentary for the entire day.
Encourage and allow your children to interact with their friends via video chats. They will feel the effects of being distanced from their friends. Allow them to interact beyond just social media or text messaging. Video chats are a good way to get in social time. If your child does not regularly video chat with friends, speak with other parents and set up video chat playdates.
Overuse of screen time can have adverse impacts on young brains, so it is important to use other mediums. Consider printing out anything you can for your child.
Keep in touch with other parents as you are not in this alone. See what other parents have found effective and see if others need help. More than ever, this is a team effort.
Remember that while this time is not a vacation, it is important to have some fun. It is rare that you have this much time with your children. Use the opportunity to bond, set up games to play together or get outside for a walk or hike.
Also, please remember this is a unique and challenging time for our teachers. Be patient and cooperative. They will continue to build strong foundations for the future of our children, even if it is remotely.

Have a safe and happy school year!** Voorhees Township is offering discounted tickets to Morey’s Piers in Wildwood. Tickets are available in the Municipal Clerk’s Office at Voorhees Town Hall. Prices vary according to the type of ticket and several options are available to residents and non-residents. For more information about tickets visit