PSE&G Smart Meters

PSE&G will be implementing the following program for smart meters as part of the AMI clean energy future incentives for the state of New Jersey.  The attached documents can be shared and utilized for reference to constituents’ questions regarding the Smart Meter installation program.

PSE&G will be sending out a 15-day meter replacement letter and a 45-day letter as a reminder advising customers on the benefits of the smart meter program and the smart meter installation.

Customers can find the information on the website about the program and opting out of the smart meter program. PSE&G website

After meter installation, door hangers will be placed whether the meter was changed or unsuccessful.

PSE&G can confirm that the PSE&G employee/vendor at the customer’s premises is legitimate. Please let them know that they can check for marked vehicles, badges, hard hats, and logos.

Presentation to AMI and Smart Meters (AMI Smart Meter Deck_External_May2022)

CCI’s Door Hangers

CCI’s Initial Contact Letters – 15 Day Letter45 Day Letter