Stafford Disc Golf

We regret to inform you that after years of providing a space for disc golf enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite sport, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection has notified Voorhees Township officials that Stafford Woods Disc Golf Course must permanently close and restored to its original purpose of a nature walking trail, open space, and passive recreation or face financial and legal consequences.

The area will not and cannot be sold to any private owner or business for private or commercial use. The area will be used for passive recreation as defined by the Department of Environmental Protection.

This decision was not made by Voorhees Township or anyone affiliated with Voorhees Township and was decided solely by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. The following is the explanation given to the township for the closure as stated by the NJ Department of Environmental Protection.

“It has been determined that the existing disc golf course is considered active recreation and therefore not permitted in the EIFP area (Block 199, Lot 5.03). This use constitutes a violation of the Deed of Conservation Restriction. 

Therefore, the course (including baskets, pavers and signage at each hole in addition to all of the staging, seating and storage material at the beginning of the course) must be removed and the property fully restored.

The Environmental Infrastructure Financing Program (EIFP) opinion concerning the diversion on the funded portion of the Voorhees Township Block 199, Lot 5 property is that the property should be restored to pre-disc golf course condition. The structures and surfaces shall be removed, ground shall be returned to original grade and trees & understory shall be replanted in the fairways and any other cleared areas. Stored items, pallets, seating, etc. shall be removed.”

In the coming weeks, we will be working on the proper closure procedures, including the removal of course equipment and signage. Restoration and maintenance of the area will follow shortly after. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for understanding.

For questions or comments, please contact the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

at 866-337-5669 (toll-free) or 609-777-3373