Community & Business Development Vision

Downtown Voorhees and its shopping and dining opportunities are a destination for both local and regional residents. Voorhees’s economic sector is the key component of its highly desirable quality of life.

Business Development Goals

Voorhees Business development program, as reflected in the Business Development Master Plan, is to create and sustain a multi-faceted economic base that includes business development, office operations, retail and services, and other types of uses that will find Voorhees an attractive location.

Areas of Interest

  • Existing business outreach and assistance for retention and expansion
  • Home based and small business development
  • Continued growth of the downtown (Mall) area
  • Community development and redevelopment
  • Establish a “Sports Authority’ committee to promote In-Town tournaments
  • Shop Voorhees
  • Voorhees Township App

New and pending development

  • Old Magnetron site (5.5 acres) located between Lowes and Signal   Hill School is being renovated into medical office complex
  • Compound Pharmacy has approvals to build on the north end of 73.
  • Liquor store BJ’s site
  • Rock climbing school at the coliseum
  • Flyers are expanding the Skate Zone
  • The Old I-Hop next to Osage School was razed and is being converted to a 10,000 sq. ft. 2 story Day Care Center “Lightbridge   Academy”

Near term future development

  • Former Mamma Ventura site has several restaurant/bars interested in opening
  • Multiple pad sites available on the BJ’s site and available potential new site for Aldi’s Grocery
  • The old Eckerd Drug store is available on the corner of Cooper and 73.
  • Virtua’s original plans called for the building of a second wing.
  • Former Virtua site available for new development
  • Former AFL-WEB building has been renovated and may host a new arcade park.
  • Aldi’s grocery store has interest in pad site at Lowes on route 73
  • Brandywine is looking to redevelop the Plaza 1000 with 350 apartments and 1500 sq. ft. of retail.
  • Former Town Hall 620 Berlin has been sold to Royal Farms convenience store
  • Restaurant with liquor license at the BJ’s pad site on route 73

Incentives and opportunities

  • Continuing efforts to improve Downtown Voorhees, including real estate development, merchant recruitment, and niche retail development, promotions and marketing, and parking.
  • Help streamlined code enforcement if necessary allowing a “Friendly” atmosphere to do business with.
  • Work with community volunteer committees to develop programs and processes to stimulate business such as Business Development Committee (BDC), Voorhees Business Association (VBA) and the possible additional of a Sports Authority Committee (SAC).
  • Increase foot traffic to local businesses through smart growth, (housing) and build on free community events like our Summer Series, Halloween in the Park and our many hosted sports tournaments that help make Voorhees a “fun” place to live and work.
  • Voorhees offers the best school systems in South Jersey. Great place to raise a family
  • Route 73 Medical Mile success with Virtua, Brandywine senior living and Powerback
  • Voorhees townships offers superior sport fields for hosting regional and national tournaments.
  • New hotel site at the Town Center

The Business Development Committee (BDC) is a volunteer citizen based board that consists of 7 Voorhees Residents.  This volunteer board meets the first Thursday of each month to discuss relevant issues that face our business community including:

  • Zoning and Planning issues
  • New & pending businesses
  • Township growth