Electronic waste, (TV’s, computers, printers, etc), appliances (washers, dryers refigerators, dishwashers, etc.) and metal waste (bed frames, BBQ grills, exercise equipment, filing cabinets, etc.) must be scheduled for collection.  Call the Department of Public Works at 856-428-5499 to schedule a pickup.  Place these items curbside for collection.  Collection occurs 1-3 days after notification.

Electronic waste, appliances & metal waste may be placed at your curb line at any time.  You do not need to wait until bulk trash day. Call the Department of Public Works at 856-428-5499 to schedule a pickup.  Place these items curbside for collection.  Collection occurs 1-3 days after notification.

In compliance with State law, please remove all doors from refrigerators and freezers.

For your convenience, Camden County holds recycling events throughout the year.  Please contact them for more information at 856-566-2980 or http://www.camdencounty.com.