Voorhees Township is pleased to announce that the ordinance and amendment linked below have been approved by Township Committee. For the public’s convenience, an overlay map, developable properties map, and developable properties list have been created to articulate where cannabis uses have been permitted by ordinance.

Please note that while the maps and list were created using all information available at the time of their development, they are subject to corrections and updates as additional information becomes available. Inclusion of a property on a map or list does not guarantee approvals, and all applications for a cannabis use are subject to all required land use approvals and permits.

Cannabis Ordinance

Cannabis Ordinance Amendment

Second Cannabis Ordinance Amendment

Developable Properties Map

Cannabis Use Overlay Map

Cannabis Use Developable Properties List

To pursue licensing and approvals, interested parties may submit one or both of the applications linked below. A Non-Residential Change of Occupancy and related Certificate of Conformance must be obtained prior to tenancy as well as the commencement of business operations.
For parties that are only seeking verification that a property can be used for an approved cannabis use, the Zoning Verification Request may be more appropriate.

Zoning Approval Requests