Public Works Recycling Notice

Don't put plastic in recycling. Call public works at 856-428-5499 with any question

Attention Voorhees Residents: Our Public Works Department needs your help with recycling!

Voorhees Township uses Single Stream Recycling where residents combine all loose, never bagged, recyclable materials into your cart for pickup. One item that is continually being placed in the recycling cart is plastic bags. NEVER PLACE PLASTIC BAGS in your recycle cart as the recycling center does not accept them. Always keep your recycling loose in the cart and NEVER bagged. Public Works appreciates your attention to this matter.

To find a comprehensive list of stores in the area that accept plastic bags for recycling visit

If you are unsure if a piece is recyclable, just remember this – When in doubt, throw it out. Contact public works with any questions at (856) 428-5499 or by email at