The purpose of Zoning is to ensure that any proposed use, construction, or alteration is allowed in the zone and will be located within the required setbacks from the property lines as required by the Unified Land Development Ordinance (ULDO). Specifically, this code regulates the setbacks and permitting process for principal structures, additions, decks, gazebos, pools, hot tubs, sheds, basketball courts, patios, fencing and all other accessory uses and structures. In turn, the code protects the integrity of the entire township, making Voorhees a desirable place to live.

Any resident contemplating any change or addition to his/her property or home should contact the Zoning Office for information on general regulations in their zoning district. By obtaining the required permits, a resident will avoid creating a violation that may require alterations to, or relocation of, the new construction to abate the violation. If you are selling your home, the presence of a violation can delay your settlement. If you cannot meet the zoning requirements, it may be possible to obtain a variance.

The Zoning Office urges all residents to inspect their properties. Please contact our office to correct any structures that have been built without obtaining the proper permits or to make sure your have received all final certificates of conformance for those structures that have received permits. (Construction permits and approvals may also be required depending on the type of structure or alteration being built.)

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