Voorhees Public Works is responsible for:

  • Parks / Recreation
  • Roads
  • Sanitation / Recycling
  • Sewer

Voorhees Public Works Core Values:

  • Customer Service – provide services that are best for the community and treat every person with respect and professionalism.
  • Integrity – accountable for our actions and honor our commitment to meeting the community’s needs.
  • Dedication – perform at our best in the interest of our own satisfaction and the interest of the community.
  • Leadership – inspire others to do things they did not know they could do.
  • Teamwork – a strong team requires each member to be the best they can be so that together more is achieved.
  • Safety – conduct our work in the safest manner in the best interest of the public, Voorhees Township
  • Dependability – committed to being loyal, honest and reliable to our community in accomplishing our mission.
  • Adaptability – accepting of new challenges and flexible to new work accountabilities.
  • Excellence – efficient work to maximize performance.

Voorhees Public Works Mission Statement:

“To provide and maintain quality public services and sustainable infrastructure to meet the needs of our community”


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I dispose of paint?

Voorhees Township residents may drop off their paint cans at 100 American Way, Voorhees, NJ. The drop-off location is located at the dead end of the street. A sign stating “PUBLIC WORKS RECYCLING DROPOFF LOCATION” is located at the site. Drop-off at your convenience.

For disposal of all other types of paints and stains, please call Camden County Household Special Waste at (856) 858 – 5241. Click below to see the list of items you may take to a Special Household Waste Collection site.

Special Household Waste Collection

How do I dispose of large cardboard boxes?

Please collapse boxes and contact us at (856) 428 – 5499 to schedule a special pickup. Collection occurs 1-3 days after notification.

Where can I take items the Township cannot collect? (construction debris, stumps etc.)?

Pennsauken Landfill, 9600 River Road, Pennsauken, NJ.
Please call before going at (856) 665 – 8787 for weight limits and fees.

Where can I take hazardous waste items that the Township cannot collect?

Call Camden County Household Special Waste at (856) 858 – 5241 for a list of drop-off dates and times.

How do I dispose of ammunition and fireworks?

Call the Voorhees Police Station at (856) 627 – 5858 for proper disposal.

DO NOT put any type of ammunition and/or fireworks in your trash. This is EXTREMELY HAZARDOUS. When the truck blades hit these items they may explode or propel out of the truck injuring workmen or bystanders.

How do I dispose of medical needles?

Hypodermic needles MUST be placed in a secured metal container and put in your household trash. If you need a container call any area hospital for one.

Whom do I call if a street light is out?

Please, call your electric company. The electric company will need the location and nearest cross street for reference in locating the light.

PSE & G: (800) 436 – 7734
ATLANTIC ELECTRIC: (800) 642 – 3780

May I reserve a park or field for an event?

To reserve a field or park contact us at (856) 428 – 5499 or via email at parks@voorheesnj.com

You may also download an application form by clicking the link below.

Field Usage Permit

Where do I pay my sewer bill?

Payments may be made in person or mailed to:

Voorhees Township Tax Collector
2400 Voorhees Town Center
Voorhees, NJ 08043

If you have questions, you may contact the Tax Collector’s Office at (856) 429 – 7762 or via email at collector@voorheesnj.com.

What are the colored flags and paint marks that utility companies put at my house?

In New Jersey, whenever someone plans to dig, they are required to contact the utility companies to request a “mark out”. The utility company will mark the location of its underground utility lines. Each utility company uses a different color to mark its lines, as shown in the list below.

Red = Electric
Yellow = Gas, Oil
Orange = Cable
Blue = Water
Green = Sewer
Pink = Temporary Survey Mappings
White = Proposed Excavation

If you plan to dig, please call 811 or (800) 272 – 1000 It’s FREE and it’s the LAW

Public Works Holiday Schedule