Property Re-Valuation Information

The Assessor’s office is responsible for:

  1. Valuation and Assessment of all Real Property in Voorhees Township
  2. Providing Block and Lot and Street Address for:
  3. New Parcels
  4. Sub-Divisions
  5. Lot Consolidations
  6. Tax Mapping

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Taxpayer Bill of Rights

Ongoing Property Inspections

Beginning in 2018, the Voorhees Township Assessment Department began inspecting all buildings on a four-year cycle.  A four-year inspection cycle is a recommended minimum timeline per guidelines published by the International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO.)  A four-year inspection cycle is also one of the requirements to obtain an approval for an annual reassessment program in New Jersey.  Click here for the Ongoing Property Inspection Program.

Tax Assessment Appeals

FAQ – Should I file an Appeal?  You cannot file an appeal because you think your taxes are too high, but only if you think your assessment is too high. Your assessment should be no higher than the fair market value of your property, so before you decide to file an appeal you should know the value of your property on the current market, and be able to support that value using sales of comparable properties.  Below are links to a brochure with more information and to the appeal forms with instructions.

FILE YOUR APPEAL ONLINE  –   You can now file online.  You will be asked to set up your account with a username and password.  The filing fee can also be paid online.

Guide to Tax Appeal Hearings (FAQs Answered)
Appeal Form with Instructions (paper form)
Comparable Sales Analysis Form
Added/Omitted Appeal Form with Instructions

Senior and Veteran Deductions

Each deduction is $250.00 deducted from your tax bill on an annual basis. Eligibility requirements and instructions are contained within each application. Supplemental Income Form must be submitted with the Senior/Disabled/Surviving Spouse Form. The Annual Income Statement for Approved Senior/Disabled Deduction must be submitted annually to the Tax Collector once your deduction is approved in order to maintain it.

Senior Citizen, Disabled Person, Surviving Spouse Deduction
Supplemental Income Form (Must Include with Above PTD Form)
Annual Income Statement for Approved Senior/Disabled Deduction
Veteran and Surviving Spouse Deduction

Veterans with 100% Wartime, Service Connected Disability

If you are a 100% disabled Veteran please submit the following form along with your DD-214 and a letter from the V.A.
Disabled Veteran/Surviving Spouse Exemption Application

Non Profit Organizations and other Tax Exempt Properties

For all other property owners seeking exemption from property tax, the Initial Statement must be completed when first applying, and a Further Statement should be submitted every third year once  an exemption is approved.

Initial Statement for Property Tax Exemption
Further Statement for Property Tax Exemption

Change of Address

The Municipal Assessor controls the records for the mailing address of all property owners in the Township. This is where your tax and sewer bills will be sent, and any other mail sent by the Township. The address used is the same as the address which appears on your recorded deed when you purchase the property. If you want to change where your mail is sent, you must complete and return the following form. You may be required to show authorization to sign for a corporation, partnership, or trust.

Address Change Form (PDF)

Farmland Assessment Forms:

Application for Farmland Assessment (Must be Legal Size)
Supplemental Farmland Gross Sales (must include with FA-1)
Woodland Data Form (Must be Legal Size)

Search Township Assessment, Ownership, and Sales Records:

Use the Camden County Data Hub to research tax records and data

Use the Camden County Geographic Information Service (GIS)

2018 Tax Map        2022 Tax Map (All Sheets in Zip File)