The Municipal Clerk acts as the corporate secretary for the governing body and is responsible for correspondence, meetings, and minutes of all official meetings, as well as general information about the Township. The Municipal Clerk is the designated Election Official and oversees the Primary and General elections. Voter registration and election information are also available from this office.

The following licenses and permits are issued through the Clerk’s Office:

  • Business
  • Liquor
  • Raffle
  • Bingo
  • Dog / Cat
  • Kennel
  • Street Opening Permits
  • Chicken Coop Licenses

Submit an Open Public Records Act (OPRA) Request

Public records may be obtained by submitting a request to the Municipal Clerk. Click the link below to submit a request online, or download a copy of the Voorhees Township Open Public Records Act (OPRA) request form, located in the “Forms” section below.

Click here for access to the JustFOIA portal to file your Municipal or Police OPRA request

Pet Licenses

State law and local ordinance require the annual licensing of dogs and cats. Any person, who owns, feeds, keeps or harbors a dog or cat for more than 10 days must obtain a license. Pet owners, who have already licensed their pets, should renew the license no later than January 31 of each year. All licenses expire December 31 of each year, regardless of the date the license was obtained.

The fee for a spayed/neutered dog or cat is $12.00; the fee for a non-spayed/non-neutered dog or cat is $15.00. There is a $25.00 late fee for all pets whose licenses are renewed after May 10 of the licensing year.

To obtain a dog license, you must show proof that the animal has a valid rabies vaccination. As per State law, a valid rabies vaccination is one that DOES NOT EXPIRE BEFORE NOVEMBER 1 OF THE LICENSING YEAR. If your dog’s rabies vaccination expires before November 1 of the year in which you are obtaining a license, you must have your pet revaccinated before we can issue a license. Cats must have a current rabies vaccination at the time a license is obtained.

The Township offers a FREE rabies clinic each year on the first Saturday in May.

Online licensing is now available through SDL, the portal we use to process licenses. A service fee of $1.50 is applied to each transaction. To apply for a pet license, please click here. 

New License

If you are requesting a license for the first time, please contact our office at (856) 429 – 7757 for appropriate information and instructions, or follow the link above to submit the license information through our online portal.

Chicken Coop Ordinance and License Application

Voorhees is excited to announce that we have modified our ordinance around backyard hens!  The refreshed program was created in conjunction with the Camden County Chickens Organization and allows for 40 licenses, NO roosters allowed and this is no longer tied to lot size!  To qualify, you must meet the requirements detailed in the ordinance and take a Chicken Care Class which outlines the proper handling of backyard hens.

To learn more about the ordinance visit:

If you’re interested in being part of the program, submit your license application today at the Town Center!

New Jersey Department of Health Animal Cruelty Notice

Responsibilities of the NJ Department of Health and Municipal Governments to distribute animal cruelty materials to each person licensing a dog.

Business License

All businesses in Voorhees Township are required to obtain a Zoning Permit via the Non-Residential Change of Tenant Application as well as a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) or a Certificate of Continued Occupancy (CCO) from the Construction Department. Business owners must comply with all of the requirements set forth in the Voorhees Township Code Book with regards to the Zoning and Construction requirements prior to receiving a business (mercantile) license. The mercantile license fee is $60.00 per year, except when designated otherwise by law. This license will not be issued until all Zoning and Construction requirements have been met. Non-profit organizations are also required to submit the Mercantile License Application, however, no fee is required. To download a copy of the Mercantile License Application, click on the following link.

Business License Application

Raffles / Bingo Licenses

Raffles and Bingo Games are regulated by the NJ Division of Consumer Affairs, Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission. Only non-profit organizations may hold bingos and/or raffles. Licenses are obtained from the municipality where you intend to hold the event. Prior to obtaining a bingo or raffle license, an organization must obtain a certificate from the Division of Legalized Games of Chance authorizing the conduct of such games. For information regarding applications, fees, etc. please click the link below to the Legalized Games of Chance website.

Forms can be downloaded here, completed and submitted to the Township Clerk’s Office. Additional forms can be obtained by visiting the state’s website below.

Games of Chance Website 

Raffle Application

Bingo Application

Application to Amend

Applicant Instructions

Liquor License

The Municipal Clerk is responsible for the issuance of new and renewed liquor licenses. Person- to-person and place-to-place transfers are also processed through the Municipal Clerk’s office. For information and application forms regarding licenses, transfers, and special permits, please click the link below to the NJ Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control’s website.

ABC Website

Election Information

The Primary Election is held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in June.
The General Election is held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November
Polls for the Primary and General Elections are open from 6 A.M. to 8 P.M.

Voting Places

Your voting place is determined by your voting district.

Your district and polling place are printed on the front of your SAMPLE BALLOT, which you will receive by mail.

Polling Locations


Election District Map

Voter Registration

Voter registration forms and vote-by-mail applications may be obtained from the Municipal Clerk’s office in the Voorhees Town Center, or the County Store in the Voorhees Town Center.

Forms may be obtained in person or by mail.
To receive a form by mail contact the Municipal Clerk at (856) 429 – 7757 or via email at
You may also request a form by mail from the County Store at (856) 566 – 2920.

Forms may also be downloaded from the county website:
Camden County Website