Mayor Mignogna

During this most unusual and challenging year, our dedicated volunteers helped our local government continue to operate effectively and efficiently. Accommodations were developed and our volunteers, who give their time with no expectation, recognition or reward, rose to the challenge. On behalf of the other members of Township Committee, I thank those volunteers for their unwavering service to our community.

Our local government is privileged to have devoted volunteers who serve on our various boards, committees and commissions, to help maintain the quality of life in our community. Health and safety precautions due to the pandemic led to meetings being conducted virtually and Township business continued.

Members of the Planning Board and the Zoning Board of Adjustment are guided by the New Jersey Municipal Land Use Law and the Voorhees Township Zoning Ordinance. Whenever a resident attempts to modify his or her real estate, change its use, subdivide it or build on it, permission must be obtained from the Planning Board or Zoning Board. The Planning Board generally meets the second and fourth Wednesday of the month and the Zoning Board generally meets the second and fourth Thursday of the month.

Another volunteer group is the Environmental Commission, which meets the second Tuesday of every month. Among other roles, this Commission reviews certain development applications and provides advisory opinions and guidance to the governing body about potential environmental issues and concerns. Among other projects, this Commission oversees our “Green Team” which, for the second time, was awarded the Silver Certification by Sustainable Jersey, the highest level awarded by the State.

The Business Development Committee meets the first Thursday of every month and works to maintain and increase business in our community. The Committee helped launch our successful Shop Voorhees Program, allowing a portion of your normal purchasing dollars spent on goods and services at participating Voorhees businesses to be applied to your property tax bill, thereby reducing your taxes at the end of the year.  This Committee makes presentations at area chamber of commerce events and business expos to attract businesses to our community.

The Business Improvement District is a volunteer group of business owners and tenants located in the Voorhees Town Center that work with the ownership of the VTC to attract new business and help existing businesses thrive.

The Citizens Cultural and Diversity Advisory Committee meets the second Monday of every month and helps foster positive human relations through education and the encouragement of respect and understanding among our diverse population. The Committee provides an opportunity for input from citizens of all races, ethnicities and genders in developing programs that lead to a greater understanding of the value of a diverse community.

The Voorhees Arts Council is comprised of local artists and art supporters who develop art programs and art/cultural educational events. This group assists in the operation of the Voorhees Arts Center located in the Voorhees Town Center.

The Bicycle and Pedestrian Pathway Committee works hard to promote our over 13 miles of bike paths and bike safety for the benefit of our community.

Finally, our Recreation Board serves as a partnership between our residents and our local government to provide our youth opportunities to participate in a variety of sports on state-of-the-art playing fields.


We are proud of these groups who have continued to support our residents and local government while following social distancing guidelines and staying safe. Thanks to all!