(Rear load pickup is trash placed in open-back trucks)

Rear load truck trash collection only occurs in areas that automated trash collection is not used. Trash and rubbish is defined by the Voorhees Code as all miscellaneous materials such as rags, leather goods, cartons, rubber, broken glass, crockery or any similar materials or substances.

It does not include, concrete, firewood, sod, logs, earth, sand, bricks, mortar, railroad ties or other substances which may accumulate from building or demolition operations.


  1. All receptacles must be placed at the front curbline after 4:00 p.m. on the day before and by 6:00 a.m. on the day of your scheduled pick up
  2. All receptacles must have a capacity of not less than 10 (ten) or more than 35 (thirty-five) gallons
  3. Residents shall keep all receptacles clean and in proper condition for safe handling


  1. All garbage shall be thoroughly and completely drained of all liquids
  2. All receptacles, bundles, and bags shall be of a size to permit ease of handling by one person and shall not, weigh more than 50 pounds or exceed 48 inches
  3. Items such as furniture, mattresses, carpet etc. may be placed for pickup each week on your scheduled trash day
  4. Do not place or store any materials in a parcel, wooden keg or barrel, basket, drum or any type of container whatsoever other than the type of receptacle specified in these guidelines.
  5. To dispose of any explosives, including but not limited to, ammunition, flares, fireworks or similar items call the Voorhees Township Police Department at 856-627-5858 for disposal information.
  6. To dispose of hypodermic needles, they MUST be placed  in a secured metal or thick plastic container and put in your household trash. Please label  it “SHARPS”.  If you need a container, call any area hospital for one.